James Elgar Gets Trapped into Twitter Controversy

A 19-year-old UKIP electoral candidate James Elgar has captured the center of attention for his controversial tweets, which has left some extremists fuming over them. Touted to be a surefire candidature for the elections prior to the incident, Elgar’s chances might have taken a slight tumble. However, people who rooted for him since the campaign went underway still foresee him as a potential winner. Moreover, Elgar himself has been constantly reiterating the possible misconstrual of his tweets. While some may suggest that he is backtracking on his actions, it is still a possibility that he is being dragged into it, especially considering that he is fighting for one of the most influential electoral profiles in the nation.

Father Comes to His Son’s Defence

 As reported, Elgar’s tweets made allusions to hijacked planes and rape by “Asian natives”.  However, his father Mark Elgar has brushed aside these tweets, commenting that he is the least racist or sexist person one may find. Further, Mark added that James works in close association with people from Afghanistan and Pakistan. Moreover, the father is quick to state that James’ best friend is a girl.

The whole incident is being viewed as another instance where a potential political protagonist gets embroiled in a discreditable controversy. Some even suggest that opposing parties are always on the lookout for a little sniff of the dirt and base a strong dishonourable scandal against their competitors. It is still a possibility that Elgar has fallen a victim to a well thought out controversial scheme.

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