James Elgar Defies Age Misconceptions

While for most people, this might be just a saying, for someone like James Elgar, this is actually the fact. At just 20, this is a young man, who has achieved so much in life, that for someone, it might be truly beyond belief. In 2012, James Elgar chose to drop out of college, because he felt that he would gain so much more from hands-on experiences. He immediately landed himself a job at the new MOTO Service Area, in Cobham, where he gained immense knowledge about all aspects of the job, including service and sales. Within a year, he was promoted to supervisor and was handling not only stocks, but also cash. In 2014, he moved to Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services (AASS), in Weybridge, where we took on the role of Customer Support Executive.

James Elgar is someone who considers the world his oyster, which is why he is always willing to go the extra length to get the success that he feels he truly deserves. Being someone who has been born and brought up in the United Kingdom, James Elgar now feels that he is ready to give a little bit more to the country, which is why he is a UK Independence Party election candidate. In his new role, he hopes to reach out to the people of the country and work at the grass root level to provide better solutions for domestic and national problems. He is confident that his work experience will allow him to emerge a true leader in the days to come!

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