James Elgar - Model of Professional Integrity

An undoubted model of professional integrity, James Elgar has always strived to achieve excellent results in both his professional and personal life. Driven by the unbridled zeal to claim extraordinary achievements, Elgar has come a long way over a considerably small span of time. Although he performed exceptionally well during his academic days, he was equally up to the challenge at work. Similar to a master bricklayer putting up a wall brick-by-brick, Elgar has built a good reputation through his hard work and unswerving commitment to his profession at such a young age.

Elgar Extends Success into the Work

Upon leaving college, James Elgar found a job at a new MOTO Service Area, in a Greggs’retail outlet, on varying shift basis. During his professional stint, he was entrusted with a wide variety of job responsibilities, including stock ordering/recording and customer complaint resolution. There were times when he was asked to cover up at a short notice but he was always excited and ready to go about it. This reflects on his sense of professional integrity. Soon, he achieved great height when he was promoted to the position of a supervisor in early September 2013.


Currently, he is employed with Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services (AASS) at the position of Customer Support Executive. He saw the job as an exciting opportunity to get the foot in the door to Aviation and work towards establishing a solid foothold in the industry. His father who passed on the legacy to him inspired James Elgar, but with his dedication and commitment, he reached up to his present position.