James Elgar – An Epitome of Excellence

As they say ‘chase your dreams and don’t look for shortcuts’. James Elgar truly used to believe in it, and he still believes in it. He was always ethical to both his professional and personal life. By virtue of his unparallel commitment Elgar has come a long way. He is just a 20-year-old young man and is one of the contenders of UK independence party election. Taking on challenges seems to be his hobby. Elgar’s frame of mind is very clear, and his enthusiasm towards his profession is second to none. He embodies all the necessary qualities to be considered as the role model for all the budding entrepreneurs.

As far as his academic credentials are concerned, he has always fared well at school and college, where he got two A-level in business. Post his college days, James Elgar immediately took up a job at new MOTO Service Area, in Cobham. He worked there in varying shifts. In a way, it was blessing in disguise for Elgar as it gave him a much-needed exposure in various aspects. In order to meet the deadlines, sometimes he had to cover shifts at short notice. He also led a team and assigned work shifts to them. Such was his aura that in a short space of time he was promoted to the role of supervisor.

In June 2014, James Elgar appointed for the role of customer support executive at Ansett Aircraft Aviation services (AASS), based in Weybridge. It was an ideal opportunity for him to show his talent in the aviation industry. Thus, following his father’s footsteps (who have spent more than 25 years in the aviation sector) he also made his father proud. James Elgar has an illustrious future in front of him; he has every ingredient to make it even more extraordinary.