James Elgar - A Resilient Character who is one of his Kind

If James Elgar’s success story doesn’t inspire you, then there is hardly anything that will. He is a man of utmost integrity be it in his professional and personal life. In a short span of time just because of his unparallel zeal and guts he has conquered the world. Considering his young age, the achievements are extraordinary to say the least. He was a very fine student and has always done well academic-wise. But he was equally good in taking up the professional challenge. With his constant hard work and incessant commitment Elgar has built a good standing in the society for himself.

After leaving college, James Elgar straight away found a job at a new MOTO service area, on different shifts. Elgar was so enthusiastic to learn the new trades of practical world that he gladly accepted the offer. During his professional stint, he was trusted to perform the multidimensional responsibilities like stock ordering, costumer complaint resolution and he excellently excelled in all the roles. There were times when he was put to test to cover up at a short notice but he used to take it as a challenge and was always excited to go about it. This is where people got to see his professional uprightness. In a little while, he climbed the ladder of success and was promoted to the post of supervisor in September 2013.

At present, he is working with Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services (AASS) as a customer service executive. He is carrying forward the legacy passed by his father, who has spent more than quarter of a century in the aviation industry. Elgar saw this profession as an exciting opportunity to establish himself in the aviation sector. But true to his integrity he never thought of taking any kind of assistance from his father’s influence.