James Elgar climbs the Ladder

A young and talented man, James Elgar has traveled a long way within a span of a few years. With his moral and positive approach towards both professional and social life, Elgar gives in a perfect example that your hard work pays you off well for everything. James Elgar is a person who has scripted his own success story. He sets the bar high for some of the aspiring professionals. Elgar never lets any opportunity to slip through his way. He seizes every possible opportunity that comes up on his way and is always ready to take up challenges. Talking about his educational qualifications, James Elgar has scored two A level equivalents in business.

Since his earlier days, Elgar was very much interested in actively participating in business practices. It was in October 2012 that Elgar left college and worked at MOTO Service Area in Cobham. It was here when he got the much needed exposure that one can learn from. James was a very dedicated professional who actively worked in various shifts in order to meet the requirements of his clients. He finally received the best result for this effort of his when he was promoted to the position of a supervisor in September 2013. He was responsible for handling a number of activities and handled a team of about four people to assigned work shifts to them. He duly obliged to whatever that came on his way.

It was finally in 2014 that James was appointed to the position of a Customer Care Executive at Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services. It was this place that gave him an opportunity to find his achievement in the realm of aviation. With his hard work and dedication, he has gained fruitful results.