Get to Know the Triumph Story of James Elgar

A very young lad and an epitome of professional uprightness, James Elgar has come a long way in a very short span of time. It is quite remarkable if you will measure up his accomplishments with his age and that’s the testimony to his work ethics. Since his childhood days, Elgar was extremely committed towards his work. Elgar exemplifies the fact that no matter what hard work eventually gets the fruitful reward. The triumph tale of Elgar is all about his astounding self-belief along with his unparalleled perseverance. He is a true role model for all the budding entrepreneurs and continues to amaze people with his continuous efforts towards greater heights. 

In October 2012, James Elgar realized that he has an utmost passion for business and it was during that time he left college. In order to gain some much-needed experience and at the same time get exposure in the professional arena, Elgar started working at MOTO service area in Cobham. He worked there in different shifts and that’s where he got to know about the working culture and how to meet deadlines within time. In September 2013, he was deservedly promoted to the post of supervisor. He handled numerous responsibilities there and led a team of four people by allocating work shifts to them. Additionally, he was in charge for solving customer complaints. He used to take everything as a challenge and the opportunity to learn a new trade.

 Soon after, in June 2014, Elgar was allotted to the position of a customer sales executive at Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services located in Wey Bridge. It gave him a chance to explore his achievements in the world of aviation to get fruitful results.