James Elgar Strives for superiority

A young man of 20 named James Elgar has come up a long way within a short span of time. With his moral approach towards his professional as well as social life, James Elgar has shown that if you work hard and with full dedication then you are surely going to get the result for it. Elgar continues to practice excellence with single-minded intensity and has written down his own success story. Elgar has always been a positive person and is ready to accept all challenges that come up on his path. In his professional field, he has always been flexible and has duly met all the obligations and difficulties that have come up in his path without any failure.

Not only in his professional career he was equally adept at his academics where he scored two A-level equivalents in his business. It was somewhere in October 2012, that he left college and started working at MOTO Service Area in Cobham in Gregg’s retail outlet in around the clock working environment. This gave Elgar a much-needed exposure in various dimensions of his professional career. At various instances, he covered shifts in order to meet timely deadlines. He received the reward for his efforts when he was promoted to the position of a Supervisor in early September 2013. His responsibilities at work mainly involved handling money, managing stock ordering and rotation and a few more everyday tasks. James Elgar also headed a team of about four people and assigned work shifts to them. Apart from this, he was also responsible for resolving customer complaints.

It was back in June 2014 when James Elgar accepted a position at Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services (AASS), based in Weybridge as a Customer Support Executive. His hard work at the AASS helped him to form a successful career in the Aviation industry. At present, Elgar holds the position of a Vice President at Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services. Prior to this, he was also associated with the British Airways. His we dedication and enthusiasm is the reason for his successful career.