Hopes and Aspirations Define James Elgar

Some people are born to be successful and there are some people who work hard to earn the success they attain in life. And then there are a rare few who have both – James Elgar being one of them. From his early days, James proved that he was willing to learn and was not shy of working hard. His efforts paid off in school, where he did really well and he was able to get into college, on his own steam. Here too, he did really well and received two A level equivalents in business related subjects.

However, during college, James Elgar realised that his heart was more set on getting hands-on experience, which is why he left college and dove right into the business world. Joining MOTO Services at an entry level post, he soon rose to a supervisory level, in less than a year. He moved onto Ansett Aviation, a company where his own father held a really high post. Like his father, James chose to rise through the ranks, based on his own hard work and talent. With these few years of work experience, he was able to learn essential aspects of how the business world works.

Today, James Elgar has become one of the youngest people to be nominated as the candidate for the United Kingdom Independence Party and his aim is to do as much good work as possible for the people of his beloved country. In the next few years, James hopes to emerge as the symbol of hard work and good will in his nation.

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