James Elgar - A Mission to Improve the World, One Step at a Time

Very few people in this world choose to give up lucrative careers, where they could have made millions and give it all up for a life, where they serve others. James Elgar is one such young man, who chose to give up good jobs, with the sole intention of serving the people of his beloved country, England. He is perhaps one of the youngest candidates, contesting the upcoming elections in the country and will be representing the United Kingdom Independence Party or UKIP.

When James Elgar was a young boy, little did he know that he was destined for such greatness! In school, he was constantly doing well with his studies and was always an above average student. He got into a good college on his own merit and earned good credits in business related papers. It was perhaps at that point of time that he started to realise that his true interest lay in actual business and he chose to drop out of college to get a job.

James Elgar started at MOTO, where he learnt the strings of how business was done in the real world and seeing his acumen, he was given a promotion within a few months of being hired. From handling the simplest of tasks at the job, he was eventually handling everything from regular inventory to customer complaints. He decided to get more experience and work knowledge from yet another job at Ansett Aviation, which is where his father works till date and now he has chosen to give it all up for a chance to serve his country.

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