James Elgar - An epitome of Triumph and Self Believe

It is obvious that success doesn’t come easily to anyone, one got to strive for it big time. In today’s era conqueror are those who are prepared to take risks and have the audacity and self-confidence to take on any challenges that life hurls at them. James Elgar, a 20-year old young man is one such example, who has the guts and dare to take charge of his life and whole heartedly dealt with all the curls and twirls that life brings with it.

Elgar always had an optimistic point of view towards everything. He embodies every quality that a self-starter must possess. James Elgar was a very fine student and did very well in academics and even attended college for a year before realizing that practical knowledge is something that he wanted to acquire the most. MOTO service sector is where he commenced his career from. He worked there in different shifts just to comprehend the functioning of each quarter. It was a testament of his self-belief that in less than a year he got promoted to the post of supervisor.

Following his father’s footsteps, James Elgar went on to join Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services. Elgar’s father had an enormous passion for the aviation industry and now he aspires to take it to the new level. James could have easily used his father’s influence to climb the ladder of success but he rather chose to start from the very scratch. Nevertheless, his smug personality allowed him to gain knowledge of every facet of the company. As a result, today he is even more self-assured as a person.