James Elgar - An Ultimate Rebel Who Raises the Bar

The journey of James Elgar is quite fascinating as of now considering the fact that in a span of few years he has come a long way. The mind boggles if you think about all his achievements at the age of just 20. Elgar showed the world the no matter what if you put up your 100% effort into something, it will eventually pay off. His success story is exclusively scripted by his self-believe and determination. James not only raises the bar for his peers but also for himself by pulling off something special every now and then.

James Elgar got the much-needed experience of the professional life at the very early age as he left college in 2012 just because he was too keen to learn the various dimensions of professional sector. His enthusiasm for acquiring the practical knowledge was second to none as he worked on different shifts on many occasions. In September 2013 he got the much-deserved remuneration for his unparalleled allegiance as he was promoted to the position of supervisor. He led a team of four individuals and assigned work shifts to them. Furthermore, he was tested with the additional responsibility of resolving client’s complaint.

Passion for aviation is something perhaps was in his blood down to his father association with the aviation industry for more than quarter of a century. In June 2014, James Elgar was selected for the role of customer support executive at Ansett Aircraft Aviation Services (AASS). He has still persisted himself with AASS as he is in quest of a more productive time going ahead.

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