James Elgar Aspires for Excellence

There are people who spend their entire life trying to achieve something and are unable to get really far. And then there are those who are able to achieve so much within a short span of time. James Elgar happens to be a person who falls in the second category, because although he is just 20, there is so much that he has already achieved.

A bright student throughout his school and college days, James Elgar has been someone who has realised the importance of hands-on experience. This is perhaps why, even though he scored really high in college, he chose to drop out and get a real job. His first job was at MOTO, where he learnt quickly and grew quickly as well. Even though he joined at the bottom rung, he was promoted to a supervisory level really soon and within months, he was handling customers, cash as well as inventory.

James Elgar moved onto the aviation industry, which is where his father has been working since the past several years. However, James Elgar chose to rise through the ranks of his own talent and merit, which is what he has done. Learning the basics quickly, here too he shone and caught the eye of his superiors, giving him the promotions that he truly deserved.

Now, James Elgar is exploring a whole new side of life, wherein he is standing as the candidate for the UKIP, the Independence Party in the United Kingdom, where he hopes to win and work towards the betterment of the people of his beloved country.

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