James Elgar - Determination that Belies Age

Determination and the will to succeed do not know the barriers of age, and when you look at someone like James Elgar, you realise how true that is. Even though he is just about 20 years old, there is so much he has been able to achieve and the fact that he has managed to earn for himself a spot in the next elections in the United Kingdom.

Even though James Elgar started as a regular guy, who went to school, did well there and then went onto college, where again he was doing well, he chose to drop out of college, because he felt that in order to earn proper experience, the best way out was to work in the real world. He found for himself his first job with MOTO, where he started at the very beginning, but with his desire to learn and will to work hard, in less than a year, he rose to a supervisory level.

James Elgar went onto work with Ansett Aviation, a company where his father has worked for several years and still continues to do so. However, James chose not to go by what his father managed to achieve; instead, he chose to create his own path. He started in customer experience and ensured that he kept his own and his father’s name in high esteem.

Now, James Elgar has chosen a path, where he can serve the people of the nation that he was born in and he is of the opinion that win or lose, he wants to make a change and serve his fellow countrymen.

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