James Elgar - How Sales and Services Paved the Way to Politics

Politics has become a negative word, but the fact of the matter is that the domain initially started off as a means to help the country to grow and assist the people of the country to reach their potential. Even today, there are people, especially youngsters, who want to join politics, because they want to serve their country to the best of their own abilities. James Elgar happens to be one such person, because even though he could have chosen a comfortable life in some corporate job, he chose to stand for the elections.

From the very beginning, James Elgar was a very focused person — he knew what he wanted to do, which is perhaps why, despite being a really good student throughout his school years, he chose to drop out of college and start working. He got his first job with MOTO, where he learnt not only how to interact well with customers, but also other aspects of being on the job. Within months of joining, he was promoted to a supervisory post, where he had to handle aspects such as invoicing, maintaining inventory and even handling customer complaints. He went on to get another job at Ansett Aviation, which is where his father holds a vice presidential post. Here too he learnt how to handle customers and ensure they were happy with the company’s services.

It was perhaps from here, that James Elgar developed the desire to serve his country, and presently he is the candidate for UKIP, UK’s Independence Party.

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