James Elgar - Learning It from the Very Beginning

There are some people who like the easy way out of things and for that they try to learn only what is required, but there are some people who want to do things the right way and choose to learn things from the beginning. James Elgar is someone who is wise beyond his years and very early on in life, he understood that in order to learn about how to succeed in life, it would be best to get the actual experiences.

Even though James Elgar was a good student through school, he chose to drop out of college, because he realised that in order to do well in life, he needed hands-on experience. So, despite having really good scores in college, James chose to stop and get a job, the first of which was at MOTO. Starting off at the bottom of the proverbial food chain, he was able to learn a lot of things and with his hard work and dedication, he soon rose to a supervisory role. Within months of joining, he was handling not only orders, inventory, customer satisfaction but also cash.

James Elgar then chose to shift gears and moved onto to a job in the aviation industry, where he joined the same company as his father, Ansett Aviation, where he worked in close connection with the clients. Now, he is getting ready to take on a completely different role – that of a parliamentarian, because he has been chosen to be a representative of the UKIP in the upcoming elections.

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