James Elgar - Sales, Service and More!

There are some people in this world, who spend their entire lifetime trying to figure out what they want to do in life and hardly reach their potential. These people end up with some job, which does not satisfy their mind or capabilities and in the end, they regret not having tried something else. And then, there are people like James Elgar, who at a very young age have a clear idea of what it is that they want to do with their lives and rather than procrastinating, they simply go out and get it!

Even though he was a really good student throughout school and he got into a good college, James Elgar chose to drop out and get a job in the real world, because he knew that the experience he got on a job would be far better than what he learned from books. His first job was with the local branch of MOTO, where he started off at the very bottom. However, with his hard work and will to succeed, within months, he was promoted to a supervisory level.

From there, James Elgar moved onto Ansett Aviation, where he started working in the customer support cell. Even though his father works as vice president in the same company, he chose to get in on his own steam and did exceedingly well. However, he realised that the best way to serve people was to become a part of the government, which is probably why he has now become the electoral candidate for the United Kingdom Independence Party.

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